Busy busy bee

Hello. How are you? I’ve been rather busy these last few months.

With a number of other front desk staff out, we have been somewhat pressed to cover all bases adequately. I have taken on many an extra hour of late, and additional duties. It can be kind of tiring.

With powwows and other vending events, I have devoted a large amount of transit time to basketry. And, being somewhat of a bibliophile, I have been immersed in the worlds authors create and/or reveal. I might, perhaps, be better served practicing my own writing, and exploring my own truths. Perhaps.

This past July, my little sister (number 3 of 6 kids) announced that she was getting married sooner than the year-plus originally intended. She would be married at the end of the following month in my parents’ back yard. While we supported her whole-heartedly, that was a bit of a short notice to get the house, yard, and garden wedding-worthy.

She extended her plans another month. And thank goodness! The bride and I spent many a long hour hacking blackberries (which dominated a large portion of the yard on the far side of the creek). We had fun doing it, and got great exercise. We also got some much-needed “sister-time” out of it. She shared her excitement, her worries, her fears, and her hopes for the future.

As a decorator and yardworker, I was very busy after work and on weekends. When the big day came, this past September, I was a makeup artist to the bride and an assistant organizer/keep-things-going person. Man, was it tiring. It was well worth it. My sister looked absolutely beautiful, and the event ran pretty smoothly. Major prep-props to my mother, who worked so hard she only had 30 minutes of sleep the night before, and the rest of our chefs and prep crew (particularly the gal who jumped in and took over food-making)!

The ceremony was nice, done by her now-husband’s pastor. After the ceremony, my hubby’s uncle gave a Native American blessing. It was lovely. We were all glad when it was over, because my sister was so happy.

My favorite moment, I think, was when my sister and I did Zumba to the song “Sexy and I Know It.” Another sister and my 2-yo nephew joined in. It was too funny. Seeing her dance/exercise in that dress was great.

There you have it. Three very busy months. I feel a bit like that “busy busy bee” that people keep taking about. Does that bee ever slow down? I am glad I am starting to. I hope to post more often, and less-boring material, very soon.

Happy Fall!



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