My goodness!

Well, now that I have knocked the dust and cobwebs away…

Welcome back.

Seems I have the same tale to tell each time I disappear for a while… Busy making things for my hobbusiness, getting lost in the universes of novels, and being very sleepy on my train ride to and from work.

This time is a little different, in that the world has gone a bit crazy. I have been worried about my uncle, who has been in ICU more than once in the past number of weeks. He almost died earlier this month. He is, thankfully on the road to recovery.

In the last few weeks, I am afraid, there has been so much… Bad. A shooting in an Oregon mall (thank goodness only 2 deaths) was worrisome. I know people who shop there. Then there was the massacre in CT that sent 6 adults and 20 children to the Creator. My hometown was shaken by it.

On a sidenote: this is all I will post about it. I think mass media posting about those kinds of things only fuels the fire. If you are gonna go bat-sh!t crazy, might as well be infamous for it, right? There is so much wrong with that line of thinking! Geh. If we stop talking these things up so much, then they might figure it isn’t worth it. But sensationalist media isn’t the only factor. I think it is one that can easily change, though. But, I digress.

The harder hit came this last weekend. After being very sick half of Thursday, almost all of Friday, and the first half of Saturday, I was very happy to feel better Sunday. It was a perfect lazy day of comfort with my husband. I was happy.

9:30pm, I am getting myself ready for the next day and decide to take a moment on a very popular social media website. For better or worse, it is actually how most of my spread-out family communicates. Anywho, I read back and find out that an elder that I loved dearly and greatly respected crossed over sometime on Saturday or Friday. To compound that loss, a cousin of my dad’s was scheduled to be taken off life support during the wee hours of Monday morning. It was within moments of each other that I received news of one death and a scheduled release of life… Needless to say, I fell to pieces. My wonderful supervisor kindly offered me Monday off, which I greatly appreciated. And needed.

There you have it.

I am hoping to re-equilibrate soon, and post more cheerful things in the near future. Until then, please take the time to tell your loved ones how much you love them. You never know when they will take their journey beyond.



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