Tickets Acquired

I make no secret of it. I am very interested in going to Japan, and almost studied abroad there while I was in college. I unfortunately did not have the funding to do so, nor had I taken the proper classes to be able to take the semester off. So? I was stuck stateside while dreaming of going abroad.

Fast-forward. It is currently 2011, and Hubby and I have been talking. We should go to Japan. But when? Let’s plan it for our 10-year anniversary year! Okay. 2014 it is! So, we planned, and thought, and decided. Spring 2014, before the weather gets really nice and Hubby has to work.

Sad fact: you cannot buy plane tickets more than 11 months in advance in most places… So we waited. This spring, we purchased the tickets. Yep, dates are decided, and we are going to Japan! I am calling on my friends that have lived there and those who have been frequently to give advice on places to go and things to do… but on a budget, of course. Come on, I am not a part of the 1%, here. I am lucky enough to be able to go on the trip!

I look forward to it, but am slightly overwhelmed with all the details: lodging, raising money, getting my passport, the fact I will be on a plane for 10hrs+ when I am afraid of flying… yeah, it would appear that there is a lot to do when going abroad, even if it is only for two weeks. Le sigh. But, tickets acquired. 🙂


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