The BEST bowl of malt-o-meal EVER


So I know this isn’t the best topic to start with, but I can’t get it off my mind. Tonight I am home sick, and didn’t feel like making a proper meal. The only thing that caught my eye was the box of malt-o-meal in the pantry. Oooh, that sounded good. I loved malt-o-meal as a kid.

So I started to measure, per box directions, the proper proportions of liquid and dry ingredients. I decided to go with some milk and some water, instead of all water, to make it creamier. The box makes that suggestion and it sounded great. As I started to heat the liquid ingredients, my eyes fell on the brown sugar. Just a smidge, I tossed some in. I followed it up with some cinnamon. I love me some cinnamon. As the mixture heated, I looked in the pantry again. My eyes lit on a large jar of organic, local, raw honey. I tried to open it, but it was sealed too tight for me. I spotted the smaller jar of honey, which has a taste kind of like a honey-vanilla marshmallow. That one I could open! Huzzah! I swirled a spoonful of that in.

Wait… there are some important differences between organic, local, raw honey and the kind you find in little honey-bears in the store.

  1. store-brand honey has been pasteurized and “purified,” and this takes any impurities out of the honey, and there are sometimes preservatives, flavor-enhancers, etc.
  2. organic honey has no additives
  3. Raw honey has all of the pollen (considered “impurities”), which helps people with allergies adapt to the pollen around them
  4. local honey will have local pollen, same idea as number 3
  5. Local honey hasn’t been shipped across long distances, and reduces ecological footprint

Also, did you know that honey will take on different flavors depending on the type of nectar the bees feed on. For some reason, the one in the smaller jar has a distinct vanilla-bean/marshmallow flavor. The larger jar, from a wildflower environment, has a mild floral flavor (imagine that). I got them at the local farmer’s market, from a vendor whom I will be visiting again and again.

Anyway, I let that liquid mixture warm and bubble. It was boiling when I stirred in the dry malt-o-meal, swirling it while it cooked to reduce clumps. After it was cooked and thickened I had to take a taste. It was delicious, but needed some cold milk. It cooled it down and brought the flavor to a new level. It was amazing. I will have to do it again.


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