Experimental Cooking and other things…

So tonight is more experimental cooking. I am mixing beef, yellow curry mix (with Jamaican flair), onions, orange bell pepper, frozen mixed veggies, cream, and flour (thickener) and making some kind of curry-ish-gravy to put over rice. I am not sure yet how it will turn out, but I have faith it will at least taste somewhat good. 90% of my experiments do.

Looking ahead, I will be hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday at my house. First, I will be going to a shindig for his side of the family. With my mother, father, and youngest siblings away for Thanksgiving, I will be hosting the meal for those of my siblings who couldn’t go, my husband’s immediate family, and my small family (hubby, me, and our two cats). I don’t want to make your traditional turkey dinner, but I think I will still do turkey. I want to do an herbed turkey with rosemary, sage, chives, and thyme. And butter, of course. I will be brown-paper-bagging it like my mother always does. I am going to do a gluten & chicken-egg free cornbread stuffing. My mother-in-law is going to do the potatoes, and siblings are bringing rolls and regular stuffing. I am going to make deviled eggs. It will be interesting t see what the meal turns out to be. This year, it will just be slightly different. Next year I want to make a quite non-traditional meal. 😉



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