Update — How Thanksgiving went and upcoming events

Oh my! I realized I forgot to update you guys about how my Thanksgiving meal went! Silly me!

It was a good meal, overall. It was my first time cooking a turkey… which was definitely an adventure! I decided to butter it with an herb-butter containing the herbs sage, thyme, rosemary, and chives. For a bit more flavor, I added garlic. The end result looked like this.

Garlic-Herb Butter

It was really good! My husband and I enjoyed it many days after the feast. The last of it disappeared when hubby accidentally melted it all, which was an ooey-gooey mess of deliciousness that we were dipping our rolls in like crazy. I mean it. Delicious. I will be making it again. And again. Mmmm…

Anyway, I was making the turkey by my mother’s fool-proof recipe:

1.  Gather your ingredients and turn on the oven to 350 degrees. Move the rack to the bottom (I didn’t know the second half to this step until it was too late. Oops.)

2. Thaw turkey and remove the neck/gizzards they put inside, then rinse insides and outsides well.

3. Butter the turkey all over (this is where we used some of the Garlic-Herb butter), and get some under the skin.

4. Put the turkey in a brown paper bag, which should be in a roasting pan. Yes, a brown paper bag. This is the same idea behind the plastic baking-bags you can buy at the store, but the original version.

5. Butter the bag all over, and very generously. I would recommend not using the herb-butter, as your herbs will burn.

6. Bake for three hours.

When it comes out, it will look like this.

The turkey in the brown paper bag, post-baking.

The bird, after opening the bag.

Because I didn’t move the rack, the breast was kinda dry.  Oops. the meat was falling off the bone, it was so tender. As you can see, the breast meat in the photograph above, to the right, is literally falling off the bone. I ended up fishing the dark meat out of the broth.

I also actually made gravy for the first time on my own. I used gluten-free baking flour and potato flakes as a thickener. (It was a gluten-free, chicken-egg-free meal day… at least, for my cooking). I was very proud of myself I actually made good-tasting gravy, and with the right consistency, too!

I also made cornbread dressing (stuffing? I don’t know the difference!), which was also gluten-free and chicken-egg-free. It did not go in the bird, so I guess it was dressing. Anyway, I started by making the cornbread myself. That way, I would know for sure that there was no contamination! I think that one will be in a separate post.

I now most definitely respect and am in awe of men and women who cook the entire feast on their own every year! I only did the turkey, gravy, deviled eggs, mashed butternut squash with butter/cinnamon/brown sugar in it, and stuffing. I can’t imagine doing the veggie tray, rolls, and various potato goods on top of it all. I am grateful my family pitched in to bring those items. And cheese puffs. That was my three-year-old nephew’s contribution. Haa.

Now I am prepping my house for Christmas. I don’t think I will be having a Christmas at my house, unless my friends and I decide to plan a holiday gathering around New Year’s. However, this is my first time having a house with a fireplace, so I am having fun looking for mantle-resting stocking holders. Christmas shopping isn’t done yet, but I will hopefully be finishing up before next weekend. We shall see if all the presents come in on time. Online shopping can be awfully convenient in the sense that you don’t have to go walk around looking for the perfect gift. However, I think that shipping times are the main concern, here. Some of the artists I ordered from might be scrambling with so many orders!

Next post: Gluten-free, Chicken-egg-free Cornbread Dressing! 🙂


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