About the Originator

Hello. I am your average young adult attempting a mad-dash foray into the adult world of post-college graduation.

I like a lot of things, particularly interesting conversation and get excited to debate all sorts of things. One forewarning, though, I do like a hot debate. Few things actually sting me in a good debate, and I am willing to put all of my thoughts on the line for people to poke holes in, show different viewpoints, and completely destroy. If you can.

I also like cats, food, baking, cooking, experimenting, learning, reading, cute things, random photos… well, the list goes on. To learn more, tune in often!

I am kind of obsessive about things, and will likely ramble about them on end. Please feel free to skim my posts if you are out of time, but I would appreciate thorough reading. I write blog posts as if I am talking to someone, a real person. However, online I can assume you are still listening and blather on about things for what feels like hours. Keep up if you can!


1 Response to About the Originator

  1. Eric says:

    Hello NB,
    In searching for a spiritual healer named Heidi Katchia I came across your blog. We are getting married next June and can’t locate contact information for Heidi. Can you help?
    Pam & Eric
    Mosier, OR

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