Recipe Archive


This is an archive of the posts with recipes in them! (Posts with Experimental cooking but no recipe = not included here.)

Jump to: Baked Goods | Chocolate | Foods From My Childhood | Experimental Cooking | Asian-based food | Recipes from Abroad

This is only a partial list, and will be added to as I go (let me know if I forgot anything!). I may end up opening up another blog with just Experimental Cooking and Recipes, but who knows. That may be an adventure for later. Though moving forward!, it would be its own thing… if I did it..

Any recipe falling into multiple categories will be listed in every category it falls in.


Baked Goods

Foodstuffs that are baked (or fall under that general recipe category)

Cinnamon-Swirl Bread
No Bakes
Energy Bars – no nuts
Eggie’s Beer Bread
Easy Chicken Zucchini


A girl’s best friend. Anything involving cocoa powder or chocolate proper will be included here.

No Bakes
Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
Energy Bars – no nuts

Foods From My Childhood

Dad’s Country(?) Fried Chicken
Lasagna (Though modified a little from when I grew up)
No Bakes

Experimental Cooking

Where your lovely author experiments with recipes or tries to invent them on her own. Any posted recipe means it passes the taste-test and has been deemed good enough for her cookbook and this!

Savory Crepes | v1
Burgers with Cheese Inside v2
Tuna-Veggie Pasta
Veggie-Rich Chicken and Egg Hash
Lasagna – because I added veggies.
Cinnamon-Swirl BreadTeriyaki Egg and Multi-flavored Rice
Yakisoba Knockoff v1
Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
Energy Bars – no nuts
Easy Chicken Zucchini
Honey-Glazed Salmon
Salmon and Dumplings
Sauteed Swiss Chard with Parmesan (or not)

Asian-Based Food

Foodstuffs loosely based off of Japanese, Chinese, or other Asian cuisine.

Savory Crepes | v1
Chicken Noodle Salad
Food-Chan Yaki
Teriyaki Egg and Multi-flavored Rice
Yakisoba Knockoff v1

Recipes from Abroad



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