Picpic Tewlikitpe

So, I’m an artist. I tend mostly toward Native American Basketry and Native-style Jewelry. I work with modern materials at the moment. However, I would soon like to graduate into the more traditional, natural materials soon. I want to be sure of myself in the modern materials first. They are easier and I don’t quite have the hang of it.

The name of my business is Picpic Tewlikitpe.
(Pronunciation guide: PITS-pits taw-lick-IT-puh)

It is a Nez Perce name meaning “cat in the tree.” Which is where my logo comes in. For the record, the cat is in a basket, not in a pot. A friend of mine did the logo for me, and if you are interested in a logo, I am sure she can do one for you, too.

I have a website and an online shop for my work!


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